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  • Analyst | Engineer
  • 06 62 35 45 36

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  • I am a passionate full stack web developer. Even though I specialized in the Symfony2 framework, my taste for entrepreneurship enabled me to acquire many skills, both technical and human by giving courses, searching for clients, and discovering new technologies to continuously improving the way I work... I value the open source philosophy, and want to keep learning new things every day as well as sharing everything I know with others.


Since 2015

  • Partner at IDCI-CONSULTING | Analyst & Engineer


  • Worked on a Symfony2 bundle developed to easily create tasks that can be ran with rabbitmq across multiple nodes
  • Spent 4 months creating an editor with Vuejs and Webpack
  • Developed a Symfony2 bundle to solve issues regarding assets management


  • 7 months mission in Paris in Carglass
    • Carglass is France's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group. I was part of the team reworking the backend of the new Carglass website with the Symfony2 framework.
  • Created a SVG editor in JavaScript for a marketing operation
  • Taught at Lyon 1 University
    • Gave a HTML / CSS / Prestashop 28-hour course to a e-business classroom


  • Created an application to manage patents for Dynergie group
    • Designed the application, developed the backend with Symfony2 to expose patents via a REST api as well as the frontend with AngularJS
  • Various services for the 'Tessi marketing services' group
    • Created 2 WordPress websites with custom themes for Tessi marketing services
    • Developed several Symfony2 bundles (a bundle to generate unique codes for promotional offers, another one to manage participation processes for refund offers)
  • Reworked the entire development stack of my company to improve the workflow
    • Set up a continuous integration platform with Gitlab and Gitlab-CI
    • Introduced a new way to build applications with docker and docker-compose
    • Improved the deployment of our applications with ansible
  • Taught at Lyon 1 University


  • 3 months internship at TheLatest, a startup in Los Angeles
    • Participated in the development of a news website
    • Trained the intern team on the Symfony2 framework
  • Developed Mapyourstories, a prototype to create customizable subway maps in collaboration and real time, with the MeteorJS framework
  • Developed and integrated a pad managment platform with Symfony2 and etherpad-lite for the ENS Lyon


  • Developed a Symfony2 bundle to generate web page screenshots in different formats (.jpg, .gif, etc) and resolutions using phantomjs
  • Set up Logtstash, Kibana and Elasticsearch to monitor logs

November 2011

  • Internship at IARC (International Agency of Research on Cancer)
    • Designed and developed an electronic lab book for several scientific teams with WordPress



  • Created a mini scratch game to celebrate birthdays in an original way, with CreateJs (


2014 and older

  • Created a quizz mobile game with Cordova
  • Developed java plugins for the bukkit minecraft server



  • CPE Engineering degree (Lyon school of chemistry, physics, electronics and telecoms) in network, computer sciences and telecommunications : 3 years trained in parallel with a part time position at IDCI-Consulting


  • CAE certificate - English level C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency)


  • 2-year university diploma (DUT) in computer sciences. This degree ensures technical knowledge regarding the main computer technology, both in network and software development


  • French high-school scientific diploma


  • Server HTTP Apache, Nginx
  • Cache and reverse proxy Varnish
  • Configuration Management Ansible
  • Languages Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Sql, Shell Script
  • OS Windows, Linux (mainly Debian & Ubuntu)
  • Backend framework Symfony2, Silex, MeteorJs
  • Frontend framework Angular 1.2, VueJS 2, jQuery, Webpack
  • CSS framework Bootstrap, Foundation
  • CMS WordPress, Prestashop
  • Versioning Git, Svn
  • Databases Mysql, MongoDB, Oracle
  • Virtualization Docker
  • Project management Redmine
  • Task runner Gulp
  • AMQP Tools RabbitMQ
  • Modeling UML


July 2012, 2013, 2015

  • Volunteer during the Solidays festival in Paris for AIDS
  • I love hiking for hours in the Alpes to end up setting up my tent in nature. I like biking through winding forest roads as well