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Symposium, a tool to successfully plan your events

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Perpetuate and make good of an event (congress, forum, seminar, etc.)

An event's success is multifactorial:

  • Choice of the place, hosts, backers
  • Smoothness in the flow of the demonstrations
  • Targeted and efficient communication
  • Etc

It is the fruit of a reflexion to which the organiser must give all his energy. Besides, focusing on your core business is also learning to buy time on tasks with lesser added value.

Computer science and the automation of processes has already allowed for an efficiency increase in numerous domains. When it comes to event managing, it's about handling hundreds, sometimes thousands of participants who are more and more demanding in terms of content and prestations

For an event to be maintained over time, it is essential to convince the hosts (scientists, politics, etc) of its recognition and durability. Thus a satisfied host will communicate, come back, and will be a vector of notoriety and influence. The latter will allow you to sollicitate better hosts and so on.

IDCI-Consulting, in collaboration with the FOCAL service from the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, have looked into the subject and has answered this issue with the introduction of Symposium.

Symposium : From communication to logistics, a set of integrated features !

This Web tool is fitting for every ambitious organiser. It allows firstly for the automation of logistic processes :

  • Inscription
  • Reminders
  • Generation and sending of documents
  • Affectation of participant to various demonstrations
  • Etc

Furthermore, it allows you to, in a few clicks, generate a communication support (Website), be it :

  • Beforehand, to give your event an online visibility and spread the information in real time
  • Afterwards, in a customized environment, to index publications, references posted by hosts or any type of document (invoice, receipt, etc)

The advantages of Symposium

Apart from its operating efficiency, Symposium, thanks to its GNU GPL licence, guarantees a constant evolution to the users thanks to their collaboration towards a common goal : to maintain the tool to the highest level of performance by adding ever more innovative features.

It is the return to a pure and perfect competition as described by avant-garde economists, the ability to access to performant tools not being a distinction criteria anymore.

Congress organisers will have to be innovative and performant regarding their core business, whatever might be their size or influence. Thus the collaborative use of Symposium will contribute to galvanizing the market of event managing by innovation and creativity in that domain.

If you have questions about Symposium, go ahead and contact us.