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IDCI-Consulting is always aware of new web technologies. We love what we do, which makes it easy to stay up to date.

Our talented team of web developers work every day with technical excellence in mind.

We can intervene on different stages of your IT projects: defining your objectives, technical solutions, site architecture, deployment and optimization of your projects...

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With our 16 years of experience, we offer several courses ranging from HTML5 / CSS3 to the development of complex applications with Symfony2.

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IDCI is a company of web development, specialized in php frameworks (Symfony2, Silex, Zend framework...)

We also develop our skills on the NodeJS framework, and are always excited to discover new promising technologies.

We do not forget frontend technologies. We quickly embrace new javascript frameworks such as Angular, Vuejs...

Our philosophy

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Sharing and openness to others are keys in the company philosophy.

For each project, we contribute as soon as possible to develop open-source libraries that we use every day.

A worthy open source project that solves a shared challenge will develop its own energy and will be sustained for a long time thanks to a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

We publish and maintain source code available on our Github platform.

Our methodology

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We are flexible. IT projects are subject to very frequent changes.

Our experience has shown us that agile methods are a source of great success which is why we strive to apply them whenever it seems right.

However, we do not seek to dictate these methods in case they are not relevant but remain flexible in all circumstances.