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Our wishes for 2017

The IDCI team wishes you a very happy New Year.

For this new year, we wish for you to keep exploring your ideas and your creativity. To test new things and to be curious about everything around you. To take care of yourself and to share with people you love. To encourage and drive your entourage to surpass itself along with you. To make new projects and to realize them. To rise to a challenge and keep doing it again to pass above potential difficulties. To be always surprised and to pursue your evolution.

We would like to share with you some of IDCI's 2016 highlights.

Team evolution

During this year, we have seen our team evolve.

Baptiste Bouchereau became co-manager this year. He joined Gabriel and Fredéric BONDAZ at this post. Baptiste also added training to his professional skills, by giving some courses at the Lyon 1 University as well as providing professional training.

Brahim Boukoufallah eventually joined the team by signing a permanent contract. He also became a trainer and gave courses at the Inseec and the 3WAcademy.

Eddie Barraco follows a block-release training and works at IDCI in order to train himself to the developer's profession.

IDCI team

Objectives and partners

We had beautiful opportunies to meet people which lead to new partnerships in the teaching skills field, like 3W Academy and the INSEEC group. We intervened in trainings with the objective of teaching a web developer's profession, but mostly with the desire to share our passion. We are very happy about that and we hope we created some vocations ;)

We wish to thank all our partners for their trust and wish them a happy new year.

New premises

We changed premises and finished our moving in a new work space, which suits our philosphy and the company's needs more. We are now located at : 109 Rue Francis de Pressensé, Batiment 9G 69100 Villeurbanne

Hosting stop

While we were used to do hosting, we have made the choice to put it to a stop in order to focus on our main activities which are consulting, web development and training. The last customer websites were migrated this year.

Stock growth

In 2016, we have seen our revenue increase by 154%.

2017 annouces itself as a year full of exciting events and twists, evolutions, and hopefully of our team's expansion. We will still have plenty of things to share with you.

Thanks for spending this year at our side.

The IDCI team